Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Old Evolution

Ha! I just found this little piece of a story I was writing five years ago. It's... purty crazy. If I'm remembering correctly, the story as a whole was about teens with super-powers.

Ben threw himself at Chloe, arms up with feral claws and teeth extended. In a flash her arms were raised in self defense, his stick still in her hands.

The sound she then heard was like a finger swirling water, a gentle swoosh that sounded so peaceful. She watched in horror as Ben’s legs were slowly separated from his body by the terrible black stick, his eyes widening in painless shock.

There was no blood, but of course there wouldn’t be.

“No,” was the only whisper that escaped from her ice cold lips.

P.S. The working title was called "Evolution." Hence the blog post title.

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