Thursday, March 29, 2012


Yeesh! Just found some more of my old writing. I REALLY hope I was trying to be ironic when I wrote this. Because... it's so not me!

Jillian is glancing at the setting sun, the red washed air is hanging lightly around her.

"Stay out here too long and you'll catch your death." A tall man, comes and sits next to her.

"Oh Jim! You scared me." She sighes and her hands fall gently to her lap like small butterflies. She returns her gaze to the sky. "It's so beautiful."

He follows her gaze with his eyes, "The sun?"

"Well, yes but more than that. It's all just so beautiful."

He leans over and kisses her gently on the cheek. He stares at her, and he marvels at how he could have been so lucky, "Yes," He whispers "it is."

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