Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two projects at once?

So I haven't worked on my "current" WIP in about two months. It's sad, I know, but life's just been so crazy.

BUT, I just recently had an idea for a new story (inspired by a fairy tale!) and I'd like to start writing it, but I'm not quite ready to let go of the previous WIP (seeing as it's definitely still a WIP).

How do y'all feel about working on two projects at once? I'm going to give it a go to make my own opinions, but I'm curious as to what y'all think.


  1. I like having something to switch to when the one I'm working on makes me want to tear my hair out. But if you're in a hurry to finish something, stick to one.

  2. I've often worked on more than one story, especially if you hit a rut in your current WIP. A new idea always seems so nice and shiny, and you don't want to lose it, and writing is the important thing. Although I also tend to skip around within a WIP when I write; I haven't written scenes in any sort of supposed order in like eight years. That way, if what I'm currently writing isn't interesting me, I can write something more dramatic but still within the same story.